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Dream Logo Template Demo Pages 1-10 are pages where you can practice making dream logo descriptions. To Anonymous Users, Registered Users, Writers and Moderators, do not delete this note, edit this page, rename this page, edit the tags, add a To-Do, make an old version of the page the current version of the page, etc., etc., etc., or you will be banned for 5 days to 2 months. If it goes on, YOU ARE PERMANENTLY BANNED! This page may only be edited by Admins. Just to be sure, I will lock this page so that only Admins can edit. Users that is an Admin (An Admin can do it if s/he wants to.) or not a Admin, you can only edit the pages with no hyphen in the page name and don't rename the page, delete the page or delete anybody's work or suffer the consequences (I won't do the consequences to my friends because they might remove me from their friends list. But I will give them a warning.):

To the Registered Users:

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To the Moderators:
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When each page in this section has at least 5 dream logo templates, I will make Dream Logo Template Demo Pages 11-20 with the same message and warnings on this page, but with a few differences. *WHEW!* That was complicated! It took me over an hour to finish this!

Thanks for letting me tell you about the Dream Logo Template Demo pages,

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JoshuaBates link for making a dream logo 2 Aug 23 2017, 10:54 AM EDT by THXFan2889
Thread started: Jun 3 2011, 3:20 PM EDT  Watch
okay, i need to make dream logo now please.
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Eomervandy Real Kids Television Network 0 Aug 22 2016, 11:43 AM EDT by Eomervandy
Thread started: Aug 22 2016, 11:43 AM EDT  Watch
Backround: Real Kids was founded in 2008 by Eomer Van Dyck and started making animated movies, but in 2010 started making cartoons and a LA Cringe show.
1st Logo (2008 - 2010)

Nicknames: "Another Stand Still Logo" "Paint Brush of boredom"
Logo: We se a stand still logo of the Real Kids, like the early 2000's logo of discovery kids but instead of a planet it's sorrounded by a crudely drawend cirle, the Real was crudely drawend while the Kids it's a cute CGI Letters, finally the "Television Network" faids in followed by an announcer.
Variant: In DVD versions of the logo we see a FBI warning saying about the fact that pirating it's bad, but it's really small and after 2 seonds the "Home Entertainment" letters faids in, then the logo disapears but the home entertainment not, instead Sparkles and dissapears
FX/SFX None other than the Television Network/Home Entertainent faiding in, and the sparkles in the DVD variant
Cheesy Factor: Nothing other than the crappy CGI shown in the "KIDS" letters and the Brush, bassicly Medium
Music/Sounds: The TV show's credits theme or a jingle and The sparkles sound in the DVD Variant
Availibity: Extint, for the Home Entertainment variant it's also Extint, obviously common at the time.
Scare Factor: Low, the jingle or the Cringe Fest credit music might get some. Medium for the DVD variant thanks to the loud sparkles.

2nd logo (2011 - Present)

Shows the Brush Drawing the company's logo, explained before. the CGI looks more advanced and more realistic.
variants: Depending of the show a character from it will say a phrase, also for DVDs will be the same as the first logo's variant.
FX/SFX: Advanced CGI
Music/Sounds: Some swirls, the shows' credits and a quick sparkling
Aviability: Very common,
Scare Factor: None, the CGI might surprise some.
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AndrewbowmanDreamCLG Don't Eat Too Much Pictures 0 Feb 11 2016, 4:17 AM EST by AndrewbowmanDreamCLG
Thread started: Feb 11 2016, 4:17 AM EST  Watch
Background: Don't Eat Too Much was founded in 1998 by animators Helena Greena and Peter fisher. They were best known for their Scary logos and
Theory Heavy

1st (And Only) Logo

Nickname: "The Food", "HAHAHAHA!!!"
Logo: Exactly like the 1997 Nickelodeon Productions logo, But The Nickelodeon Top Spin Replace The All Of Food The 3D word "Don't Eat Too Much" flips in one by one, After that, the word "Pictures" fades in.
Variant: The logo has a shorter version where it cuts to the 3D Word "Eat Too Much" And Don't Stay In
FX/SFX: 3D Word Flips One By One, Fade In
Cheesy Factor: Very early computer effects.
Music/Sounds: The flying, the fading.
Availibility: Very common. Appeared on Theory Heavy And Angry German Kid: The Movie.
Scare Factor: Medium to NIGHTMARE For The Long Version
Low For The Short Version
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